Poetry Corner: Rainbow Soul Vibrations

Poetry Corner

As I sat contemplating a list of the beneficial aspects of the expressive arts, the word “POSSIBILITY” came to mind. I considered how the world of imagination, through the decentering process of the expressive arts experience, offers a vast and diverse multitude of possibilities. From my art making, this poem emerged:




I journey to this place,
Hoping for answers,
Dreaming of Peace.
Here, where my true spirit,
Sings its song of Beauty and Love.
Deep beneath the frantic chaos,
Free from the downward spiraling,
Tension-filled world called life.


Here, in this moment,
Full of wonder and surprise,
I come alive!
Alive to the ecstatic bliss of Creativity!
Creativity that emanates from metaphoric breath,
Transformed by comforting,
Soothing images,
Of inner Healing and Hope.
I see! I believe! I Know!
I can Dance!

Possibility lies within,
Every moment of Deep Art-filled Reflection,
Just beneath the surface,
In this shining moment,
POSSIBILITY, lighting the path of new life.




What color are the vibrations of your soul?
Your thoughts? Your emotions? Your unconscious spirit?
That ever-moving, ever-changing matter,
Filled with untapped power,
Shielding you from the negativity of the Evil One,
Your Inner Critic?
Soul vibrations, the untapped energy,
That propels you to positivity,
Creativity, Balance and Love?


What color are the vibrations of your soul?
Are they red? The deep, dark red of blood?
Your blood, sweat and tears,
Pouring forth from each life-scarred wound?
Or the red of excitement and fun?
And music and dance,
As you glide across the floor with ease,
Rhythm flowing through your veins?


What color are the vibrations of your soul?,
Are they yellow like the sunshine,
That embraces your body on a sunny day,
As you lay naked, bathing in its radiant beauty?
Or pink, like the ruffles on a little girl’s dress,
That she wears to church on Sunday morn?


What color are the vibrations of your soul?
Are they green like the grass, and the lucky four leaf clovers,
That grow beneath your feet,
Inviting you to step into your consciousness,
To come alive, to become aware,
Of all the beauty that surrounds you?
Or are they purple, like the rich velvety robes of a king?
The one in your favorite fantasy?
The one in which you are Queen?


What color are the vibrations of your soul?
Are they orange, like the fruit on the orchard trees,
In your Field of Dreams?
That fall onto the ground,
Bursting with Life’s nectar, savory and ripe?
Or blue, like the expansive sky,
That seems endless,
As you stare, intently, among the clouds,
Waiting to behold the Face of God?


What color are the vibrations of your soul?
Are they Red? Or Yellow? Pink? Or Green?
Purple? Perhaps Orange? Maybe Blue?
What color are your soul’s vibrations?
In perpetual motion,
Ever shaping and molding and changing,
The colors of your soul vibrations,
Many multicolored hues,
And yet One!
One mind, One body, One soul!
One color that is Rainbow!




A brickhouse grows in my greenhouse,
Unfettered by stress and disappointment,
Or perplexing vissicitudes.
A brickhouse blooming steady and strong,
Brick by brick, standing tall and proud,
Climbing higher and higher,
Like a luxurious rosebush on a vine,
In a verdant garden.


A brickhouse grows in my greenhouse,
Nurtured by vibrant rays,
Of brilliantly illuminating sunlight.
The Eye of Heaven,
Gazing down upon brick and mortar,
Breathing Life, energetic spirit,
Through green crystal prisms.
A brickhouse encased in this glass enclosure,
Encircled by safety, warmth and love.
Awaiting the Day of Harvest.


A brickhouse grows in my greenhouse,
Etched with the scars of dreams unfulfilled,
Broken dreams, tear stained crevasses,
Seeping through the porous clay,
Yet, still growing, glowing, flowing,
Ready to burst into bloom anyday.


A brickhouse grows in my greenhouse,
Anxious to venture into the unknown world outside,
Ready to look upon the true light of day,
To continue Life’s journey,
Beyond the greenhouse walls,
Anxious to conquer and rule on its own terms,
Life, unmuted by the green.