Workshops and Seminars: Rainbow Soul Vibrations

Workshops and Seminars

Our workshops and seminars are both didactic and experiential. They create an atmosphere of fun, creativity, and are interactive. Our hands-on approach offers you an opportunity to hone your skills and try on new ones in a safe, non-threatening atmosphere. We often deal with very serious, concrete situations and issues, but the decentering process of our approach tends to offset much of the discomfort that usually occurs during the more traditional talk therapies. Our philosophy of low skill/high sensitivity usually appeals to those participants who are sometimes reluctant to engage in activities that require them to display their artistic talent, especially when it comes to a particular art form in which they consider themselves less skillful. Our focus is on process, rather than product. While most people wish to produce the best product possible, we ask simply that they bring their passion for art making and their openness to new ideas and the integrated art approach. We hope that you will be able to get in contact with your inner soul and see what emerges, through your art. We believe that the soul has a language all its own. It has much to communicate to you, and will do so, if you are willing to participate in the process of intermodal art expression. We learn about Poiesis, the gaining of knowledge through making. In this case, art making. The workshops use a number of different art mediums integratively, as mentioned above. Some of these art mediums include: visual art, dance/movement, music/toning, drama, poetry, creative writing, journaling, or al storytelling, and other art forms.


Please see our events page for scheduled workshops and seminars.


Expressive Arts have shown great effectiveness with such issues as:


Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Autism
Conflict Resolution Communication/Social Skills
Procrastination Stress Management
Anger-Management Relationships (Couples and Families)
Self-Empowerment Self-Esteem Building
Decision-Making Goal Achievement
Career Counseling and Exploration Phobias
ADHD and other learning disabilities Common Core and the Expressive Arts


The Workshops that we present will address these and many more practical issues.


We also provide individual, group, couples and family therapy using the expressive arts approach, as well as life coach and consultant services. The expressive arts approach is wholistic and phenomenological effecting healing of the mind, body and spirit.


Counseling and Life Coach services are by appointment only. For consultant services, phone to discuss.


Children, adolescents and adults are welcome.


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