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16 inch lightweight mini-lopper with Barnel's patented oiler system
Pruning Saw
Japanese bonsai saw for reaching tight places in roses and bonsai.
B Oil
A lightweight, multi-use machine oil for hi-tech pruners and lopper.
B7 and B8 Hi-Tech Pruners
Best selling 7 and 8 inch hand-healthy pruners-- perfect for smaller hands.
Bionic Rose Gauntlets
Dexterity abounds with Bionic's rose gauntlet that stops thorns to the elbow.
Keira Watering Can
Award-winning Keira watering cans pour precisely.
Rose Purses
Fun, leather look flat 7" rose purses in colors for all ages.
Vase Brace Flower Carrier
Hook your vase up to the best vase and flower transporter we've seen.
B807 and B808 Hi-Tech Pruners
7 and 8 inch pruners with "Squeeze to open" feature and wire cutter
Blooms: Garden Gloves
Louisville Slugger's best-selling glove for extensive gardening.
Easy Arranger 3 pack
This 3 pack is all you'll need to create beautiful arrangements.
Pruner Pouch
Pruners fit snugly and stay close in this pouch sized for any Barnel pruners.
The Mule
Multifunction Garden Cart- 7 amazing functions in a lightweight package.
Bionic Tough Pro Work Gloves
Super-flexible, absolute best and hardest working glove you can find.
Easy Arranger Gift 5 pack with gems
5 sizes and a bit of "bling" gems to add sparkle to your arrangements.
Needle-nose pruner with a great grip